How to Obtain the IP of your NEC Phone System and Log in Through Webpro


The video shows how to obtain the IP address of your NEC SL1100 phone system.


Step by Step Guide

How to obtain IP of NEC SL1100 phone system, which you will then use to access the web-based application to make programming changes:

1. Press ‘Speaker’, pound, star, pound, star, which is going to show ‘Password’ on the screen.

2. Enter this password: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

3. Press ‘Hold’ to save. You will then be in Program Mode of the system.

4. The next command you’re going to enter is 1-0-1-2, which will bring up the IP address of your NEC phone system.

5. Note the IP address and press speaker to exit the programming.