Norstar Phone System Set Relocation

Description:The video demonstrates how to change set relocation on your Norstar phone system.

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Step by Step Guide

To initialize and use voicemail on a Hosted PBX system:

  1. The first and easiest way is to simply dial the short code for the voicemail. The short code will be 777.
  2. This will allow you to get access to your personal mailbox. Which is to say, when you dial 777, you’ll be accessing the voicemail box for the extension that’s listed on the phone.
  3. The system will ask for your password. Enter your password. Default password is 11-22-33.
  4. To change your greeting, press 2. To change your password, press 3. To exit, press 9. The password must be six digits, cannot be repeating digits and cannot be a series of digits.
  5. Once you’ve changed your password, the next thing we need to do is to record your name. Your name will allow you to be found in your corporate directory.
  6. To change/record name, you’ll access your voicemail like you normally would, and you’ll enter your password. To change your name, you push 2. This will give you the option to change your name, which is 1, or to record your voicemail greeting, which is 2.
  7. Now, you’ll get three options once you come to this menu. 1 to listen to what your current message is, 2 to record your message or 3 to use a default message such as your extension number as your name.
  8. highly recommend against using your extension number as your name, because then you won’t be able to be found by the corporate directory. So, you’ll push 1 to record the name and then 2 to actually begin recording. Once you’re done, you can push the # key to record your name. To review it, you’ll press 1 to listen to it.
  9. The last thing you’ll need to do is to record your greeting. Again, this one could be accessed by going into your voicemail, choosing 2 to record your greetings and 2 again to record your actual voicemail greeting. This is a greeting that will say, “Thank you for calling such and such extension. I’m not here at this time. Please leave a message.” To do that, you’ll push 2 to start recording your message.
  10. When you’re done recording, you press # and to listen to it you’ll press 1. When you’re satisfied, that greeting is what you want to have on your voicemail box, simply hang up. You have now initialized and configured your voicemail box.

I hope that explains what you were looking for. Thank you and have a nice day.