Mapping extensions to the currently logged in user in Avaya IP Office


When the phone system restarts, any users who are “hot desked” are logged off of their current phones, and put back on their home extensions. This video shows you how to make their current location their home extension.


Step by Step Guide

When relocating a user permanently, the easiest method is to hotdesk the user into their destination extension, and then go change the programming. To do that, we’ll first hot desk them into a phone, using the short code * # extension number. Once in there, we’ll need two applications. Firstly, open “System Status” application by click Start -> All Programs – > IP Office -> System Status.

When system status open, make sure the IP address reflect the IP address of the IP office you want to change. Enter “Administrator” as the username and the password, then click “Log on”. System status gives you an accurate depiction of the system at this given moment.

1. Click on Extensions

2. Identify the user that currently log on a different extension than their default extension number. This is the user we want to reprogram in the IP Office.

The second program to open is Avaya IP Office manager. Start IP Office by click on start ->All Programs -> IP Office -> Manager.

When manager open, it’ll display a list of all available IP Offices on the network, choose the IP Office that you want to make a change to, the login username is “Administrator” and the password is “Administrator”. Once you are in the configuration, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Extension
  • Click on the extension that you would like to reprogram.
  • Enter the desired new extension number in the “Base Extension” input box. (If you notice a red “X” appear, it indicates the new extension is already occupied.
  • Click “Ok” to confirm the changes regardless.
  • If conflict occur, check in “System Status” application if the desired extension is in use, if not, click on that extension and change its “Base extension” to a different number.
  • Click the Save Icon, in the pop up save configuration box, select “Merge”. Fill in “Service User Name” box and “Service User Password” box as “Administrator”. Click on “Ok”.

Now your configuration is changed and saved. If the system is rebooted due to power outage or upgrade, the user will appear on the correct phone after the reboot.