Transfering a call on a Hosted PBX system


The video demonstrates how to transfer a call using the hosted PBX system.


Step by Step Guide

To transfer a call on a Hosted PBX system. We’re going to show you how to do an assisted transfer. An assisted transfer allows you to announce the call to the person you’re transferring the call to. Say, you need to let this person know that this is a customer who may be upset about something; you want to give them a heads-up. This will allow you to talk to the person before you actually transfer the call. :

1. Once you answer a call and the call has been established, the context keys on the screen will change.

2. One of these context keys will be labeled as transfer. We’ll push this button and we’ll place the original call on hold.

3. To transfer to an extension, simply dial the extension number and hit send.

4. This will start to alert the second person you want to transfer the call to. Now, you two can have a conversation while the actual original caller is still on hold. They can’t hear anything that these two phones are talking.

5. Once you’re ready to actually transfer the call, you’ll go back to the original phone and you’ll push transfer. Now, the call is on this phone here. That is an assisted transfer.

6. Now we will do a Blind Transfer. A blind transfer allows you to transfer the call without caring whether or not the person who is receiving the call knows about the call. You don’t have to announce who is on the phone. You simply transfer the call and let that person deal with the call. To do that, you first answer a call, and when you’re ready you’ll hit the transfer key. Additionally, there’s a transfer key here as part of the button on this phone. We’ll use this button this time.

7. To do a blind transfer, on the bottom of the screen you’ll see a button that says Blind. You’ll push that, enter the extension number you wish to send it to and push send. Notice that there’s no longer any call on this screen, the phone call is now here. You can now transfer the call to the next extension. So, that’s how to do transferring a call by doing an assisted transfer and a blind transfer.

I hope that explains what you were looking for. Thank you and have a nice day.