What are all of these buttons on my Hosted PBX system?


The video shows the different buttons and their use for the hosted PBX system.

Yealink phones offer HD clarity, wideband audio and multi-color LEDs. They range from a small set (courtesy area, lunch room, filing area) to regular users, advanced users, and executive sets. The first two sets are the T21P and the T23G. These are basic sets. All the sets have multi-color LED, voice mail indication, and support all the features of the hosted PBX telephone system.

Step by Step Guide

On an incoming call:


1. You have a flashing indicator that you have an incoming call. A red indicator may turn on to indicate a phone is a parent of an extension.

2. When the call is answered, the light goes solid green because you’re on a call.

You have four soft touch buttons on each display and the values of these buttons will change depending on what you’re doing. The features will change on the soft keys based on the particular status of the set.

This is the model T27G shown with the optional side cart. This can be added or removed.

The T27G, as well as a monochrome set as the previous models, has 8 buttons plus an additional 24 on the side cart. When you bump up from the other models, you now have this navigation panel which helps you to move around functions and features. You have a laminated messages button and a toggle to add headset.
You’ll find on the display, one touch button goes to history; when you see your call history, you then have a one touch button to call back the party you want to call.

The best phone of the line is the T29G offering full color LCD display. It still has high definition audio, wideband, continues to have the navigational cluster, a laminated message button. It has 10 keys, 5 on either side of the display. The ring patterns are now multiphonic as opposed to just your traditional ring. There’s a range of ringtones available on the set. This has the optional side cart as well available for it.

All the telephone set models we’ve seen are available for either rental or outright purchase and when using them on hostedpbx.ca.