What Has Beaches, Mountains, and Now Us? Vancouver

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…If you can believe it.

…If we’re not swept away in the rain poised to submerge the city (a trait that makes the city’s summers that much better), it’ll be great.

Okay I’m getting a little too Travis Bickle, aren’t I?

As of now, I’ve spent a total of 12 years in Vancouver.

To call making fun of phone and Internet providers a favourite pastime of Vancouverites would be a gross understatement. It’s up there with choosing hiking as a first date, complaining Kiwis and Aussies are taking all the great Whistler jobs (or, “Whis, brah”), and, yeah, complaining about the weather.

Despite the griping – or maybe because of it – this makes Vancouver ripe for the picking.

We are the alternative to the giant(s) who can’t provide enough care to each client, the companies that perpetuate that favoured Vancouver pastime.

What a Location in Vancouver Means

We welcome our clients with open arms, and remain as caring as ever over the years.

In tandem with our Vancouver rollout, we are paying even more attention to customer care. It will be easier than ever for prospective clients or clients with a history to share positive (or negative) feedback with us.

They’ll be able to do this on our updated website, via e-mail, and more. Serious updates will be sent just after the winter holidays.

Here are some examples of what you can write to us (just to get the ball rolling):

  • “Wow, you guys are awesome!”
  • “All of you are so nice you deserve to be paid millions of dollars.”
  • “I’ve recommended all members of Digitcom for positions as Companions of the Order of Canada, because you are all as influential as Mike Myers, Leonard Cohen, and Margaret Atwood.” (Thank you in advance)
  • “I’m thinking of making my Account Executive godparent to my child. But just so I know, if I do, do I get a free Polycom phone?”

Okay, maybe some of those are overboard. We don’t deserve millions. That’s crazy. What a burden.

In the Meantime

In the meantime, Torontonians, listen up! We haven’t forgotten about you. This is great. It means if you’re on the verge of taking your company and expanding it out west, we’ll be there to support you. It opens up a whole new world (or city) of possibilities for growing your company.

No longer must you picture your company next to the greasy Toronto waterfront – instead picture it next to greasy hipsters… next to the beautiful shores of English Bay.

Or shouldering up against Lululemon’s original headquarters…

Or a hiking shop, if you’re into that thing, which is fine, it just means we won’t date. Ever.

Interested in improving customer care? Consider reading our whitepaper on contact centres! “The Secret to Business Intelligence”.


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