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As of late, Digitcom has been putting more effort into communicating its new solutions and their benefits. One of the ways its done this is through webinars.

Early last June, two specialists, Digitcom’s Ejaye McComb and Avaya’s Miles Davis, hosted a webinar that used the recent unveiling of Avaya’s latest hosted solution, “Powered By”, as a jumping off point to discuss available solution types in broader terms.

Yesterday’s webinar hosts focused their attention specifically to “Powered By”. The hosts discussed the benefits of a hosted solution vs. the more traditional on-premise PBX solution type. They answered why “Powered By” is interesting even in the sole company of other hosted solutions. In addition, they discussed how Digitcom’s earned Diamond Partner Avaya status translates to a better-hosted phone system service from Digitcom.

Below are just a few of the conclusions drawn:

On the subject of Employees and Customers Driving Change.

  • “The market has changed significantly. You’re seeing this evolution towards video, cloud, software phones, mobile and an evolution to an engagement atmosphere. 50% of the global workforce will be millennials by 2020. 85% of enterprises are currently using video. 50% is almost already in cloud. With all of this going on, people are moving toward these new technologies and are moving away from just plain dial tone. This is where you can take advantage of what’s going on in the marketplace and upgrade and move to the next generation.”

On the subject of Integration and Expectation

  • “A success factor when looking at how well a system fits in and enhances client’s business processes, is its ability to integrate with the systems that make your company tick (click to dial, CRM integration, calendar integration, phone call recording, conferencing, the ability to appear ‘available’).”

On the subject of Current OpEx models

  • “Supporting a phone system doesn’t have to be a do-it-yourself job anymore. Regardless of whether you are on premises or looking towards a cloud-based solution, there is a service model to suit your needs. There are several methods of maintaining your phone system. Historically (and still in the majority of cases) clients purchased and maintained their own on-premise phone system. They performed small changes to the programming and do basic troubleshooting. In the newer, hosted model, there are 3 features of such systems. Expressed here as: Dedicated, Multitenant, and Hybrid. Hosted alleviates do-it-yourself stress.”

On the subject of Current Telecom Trends

  • “Companies are interested in a lower upfront cost and are looking to decrease costs in this competitive environment. Security is more important than ever and you have to stay up to date with the latest security upgrades. Your IT department wants a system that is simple to manage. Also you need better collaboration to stay competitive and increase productivity. Consumers are using cloud services, they have multiple devices, they have preferred channels, they love video and use it daily and they want all their communications to be on easy to use devices — ideally, their own smartphones.”

On the subject of The Structure of a Cloud-based Phone System

  • “A complete cloud solution looks like a normal phone system setup – except there is no system on site. The system itself: the client’s lines, auto attendant, call recordings, and all central features of the phone system aren’t located in the IT room – they live in the cloud. Client see’s phones on desks, and no PBX in the phone room.”

On the subject of “Powered By” Against IP Office On-Premise

  • “The practices applied to Powered By are different than an on-prem deployment. Updates are more regular, and are done centrally without a need for site visit.”
  • “Different pricing model that doesn’t involve a capital expense for your PBX or Voicemail. Pricing is done on a user-by user basis, you only pay for what you need at that time – increasing and decreasing licenses as needed. This opens up previously expensive features such as Voicemail Channels – which are the lynch pin to features like call recording and Auto Attendant hold patterns for call centers. Do not have to own a phone system at all if they choose. Powered By with Digitcom allows a large amount of LD per month as well; so the only monthly bill is typically the per-user cost originally negotiated.”

In addition, here’s a link to the first webinar’s slideshow.

Collections of useful information from our developing webinars will be published off and on, so keep an eye out!

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