What You Need to Know About Avaya R11

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Last summer, I bought an iPhone 6.

Now, over a year into having it, I felt pretty confident I knew how to utilise it to the best of its ability.

Isn’t it just incredible how wrong we are sometimes?

My roommate is like Tony Stark when he uses his iPhone.

I use it like it’s… a rock. By that I mean I’m basically not using it.

Part of me felt frustrated I hadn’t sought out more information, but the other part of me felt frustrated some of its best resources were never made obvious to me. I may not watch those hours-long gong shows Apple puts on, but I don’t stick my head in the sand either.

Why do I have to look at non-Apple pages to find the iPhone’s best capabilities for average users?

This frustration pushed me to reflect on how Digitcom can help its own customers.

Last summer, around the same time I bought my pet rock, Avaya put out the R11, which Digitcom quickly started pushing.

We created a few different articles for readers, but I thought I’d re-package all of the information into one, so that anyone who wasn’t paying attention then isn’t left in the dust.

Look below for the info. Don’t let your phones turn into rocks.

Cloud Operations Manager

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Multi Customer Management with focus on Cloud
  • Single Unified Management Portal (up to 3,000 IP office systems)
  • Dashboard with alarm, system status, and system grouping capabilities
  • System inventory (every connected system a user establishes)
  • Upgrade / Patching (central management of IP Office software)
  • Can co-reside with Cloud OSS, or be deployed independently


Vantage Phone

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Vantage Basic client (both video and audio) included as part of R11 update
  • Option to integrate HD quality camera with a privacy shutter
  • Hands free wide-band audio speaker phone
  • Wired handset – bluetooth optional
  • Android Certified by Google


Zang Spaces

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Instant Messaging (one to one, and one to many)
  • File sharing between Zang™ users
  • Screen sharing between Zang™ users
  • Task management via the dashboard, for superior organisation
  • Calling capabilties, making client and coworker contact more efficient
  • Free cloud-based account to get you started off with the service


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