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When I was growing up, I was on MSN (remember?) constantly.

My parents would occasionally warn (via question) “Is that like those chat rooms? Those – those – those chat rooms that… that are unsafe? And have people on them?”

It would usually take ten seconds to sift through the nonsense that was, but what they usually meant was: “Are you being safe with your information on the Internet, and about who you’re speaking to?”

“It’s fine, mom. These are closed chatrooms. You need to accept people.”

“Okay well don’t give your real information out online.”


Cut to a few years later, and my mom is joining Facebook and spamming me with Friend Requests.

And that’s how it went for millions of people. And still goes. We now geo-tag ourselves, for example, and don’t heed simple advice like changing our passwords every two months, or six months – or even once a year!

Some of the most common passwords are still “12345678”, “password”, and “00000000”.

Nice. Real nice. For people after your info.

And that number of people is growing. Below is some general information from this week’s cyber security event. It should server as a refresher. Consider what you know about cyber security, and maybe you will be better prepared.

What Falls Under Cyber Security?

  1. Software
  2. Analytics
  3. Processes
  4. Recovery Plans

What Are We Actively Protecting Against?

  1. Unauthorised Modifications
  2. Deletion of Company Info
  3. Accessing Company Info

Historical Perspective

Below are examples of numbers from specific cases over the years of those affected by cyber attacks.

  1. 2008 – 2009: ~130,000 million people affected (Heartland)
  2. 2010 – 2012: ~200,000 million people affected (Court Ventures)
  3. 2018 – 2019: ~500,000 million people affected(Yahoo)

The Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

  1. – Malware
  2. – Phishing
  3. – Password Theft
  4. – Ddos
  5. – Mal-advertising


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