Why Your Company Should Switch from On-prem to a Cloud-based Contact Centre

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I grew up in a time of transition for home technology.

I was around 4-7 when the Dot-Com Boom occurred.

I was about 10 when I could use our family computer confidently.

The family computer was in our “office” (a crappy little room in the basement with a tragic couch, decorated with even more tragic artwork, made by my sister and I in kindergarten – there were one-eyed whales, orange seas, it was a nightmare).

I remember, often, being on the computer, when my dad would come in and have to get on a call with a client. The company he worked for did not have a very good contact centre.

I’d sit on Tragi-couch and watch as my dad would call the office on speakerphone, scramble through two cabinets on the floor for his files, and get the run-around from the company’s contact centre.

Now part of the problem here is obviously my dad’s preparation, but two aspects of the above stand out as particularly archaic: The first is “filing cabinets”. I understand plenty of dusty filing cabinets, filled with hardcopies of relevant documents, continue to line offices, but for the most part we stick to shared computer drives.

The second is he got the run-around from his own company’s contact centre. He would talk to my mom about it constantly. It was out of date, and negatively impacted the company’s relationship with its clients.

It also negatively impacted my ability to peacefully play Mario Kart in the same room but that’s another story (a longer one).

The point is, technology is constantly updating, arguably at a faster pace now than ever before.

As newer models come out, old models just seem… older, to an unfair point.

You look at technology from the 70s or 80s and go “Why did we put ourselves through that?”.

That is what cloud-based contact centres are doing to on-premise.

Even if an on-premise contact centre’s worst quality is that it’s less convenient than a hosted one, that is a good enough reason to switch.

And for the record, there are better reasons to switch.

Watch the short video above for more insight from two telecom experts. Jeff Wiener, Digitcom’s owner and founder, sits down with Allister Quinteros, the VP of Sales at Telax, a contact centre service provider.


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