Yes, Recordings of Our Webinars Are Available

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A little while ago, I wrote about the frustration of finding out I wasn’t doing all I could with my iPhone.

My roommate was “like Tony Stark” with his iPhone, and I was using mine as a glorified paper weight.

Why ever upgrade from a Nokia, the phones so indestructible they could probably be used to cut diamonds?


These angry thoughts eventually subsided and gave way to thoughts that were a little more productive – not that stewing isn’t good for the soul.

I realised Digitcom had to lead by example.

We had to give our customers and prospects the level of information about the services they want or have before they ask us for them.

Everybody’s happy (except me, still with my iPhone).

So, with all that said…

Yes, Recordings of Our Webinars Are Available

Go here to see the playlist we’ve created.

Hit the above link to see ALL the recordings we’ve put up thus far.

We update the playlist every two weeks, just like the webinar series itself.

In the info you can find links to other resources, such as our social media, and our general events page.

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Look below for the recording of our latest webinar, Troubleshooting Like a Pro: Part 1!



Interested in our webinars? RSVP HERE to the latest DIGITCOM EVENT



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