You and I Should Talk

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“You and I should talk.”

That’s probably one of the most frightening phrases in the English language.

Frankly, my automatic reaction to reading or hearing it is a twist in the gut – I also have fuzzy memories of texting on a flip phone (that belonged to my parents).

But what we learn with a little hindsight or maturity (or not) is it presents an opportunity for growth, and progress.

This, lucky for you, is what we’re looking for. No half-hearted breakup at the back of the field behind the school, or a “Can I call you after dinner? My sister’s using the phone right now.”

What I want is for you to join us for our first 30-minute Q+A.

Watch THIS video on Lines, and How to Save On Them, or THIS video on Remote Working, Simply and On a Budget in order to better understand what we’ll discussing – however…

You have the floor.

This is YOUR chance to have Ejaye McComb answer your questions.

Free advice for how to optimize your work life.

We’ll also be introducing a list of followup questions to all those who attend. That way we can better understand what you like and what you don’t!

One more opportunity to shape the company servicing you.



Interested in our webinars? RSVP HERE to the latest 30-MINUTE WEBINAR



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