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How to put this simply… These webinars are a SUCCESS.

You hear from us, and we hear back.

It’s a cycle we’d like to continue, and have thrive, which is why we’re inviting YOU to contact us at Marketing@ with your suggestions on how we could improve our webinars, and the content inside them.

Can you imagine if your teacher gave you an open line of communication? Sweet god, the sorts of reviews and tips we’d send in… We’re expecting something a little more supportive and constructive than that! But we’re expecting something.

You’ve already started and continued the dialogue, but we want to ramp it up a bit. So. Two weeks from now, on May 28, 2019, is our VERY FIRST WEBINAR Q+A.

You lovely folks get a whole half an hour to ask our expert host, Ejaye McComb, all the questions that keep you up at night:

How to lose weight quickly before summer?

Who will (well, should) end up with the Iron throne?

Where’s Ruben Studdard?

Who’s Ruben Studdard?

No. Not really that. We want to hear about LINES, and REMOTE WORK.

Did you have a question and forget in the last little while?

Just want to be in-the-know?

Watch THIS video on Lines, and How to Save On Them, or THIS video on Remote Working, Simply and On a Budget.

Come on, just try and stump us!

Interested in our webinars? Click here for the recording of the latest webinar!



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