Work Remotely, Simply and On a Budget

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People work remotely for a variety of reasons. The obvious answer is: Commute.

But it’s not always that way. TTC and its poor quality is more than deserving of its complaints, and if I found out someone was working remotely just so that they wouldn’t suffer one more subway delay because of construction, I’d probably pull an “O Captain! My Captain!” and get up on my cubicle desk.

The fact of the matter is, however, that it could be as simple as: You are a contract worker. You can do your job, for the most part, from home.

Maybe your commute’s a 15 minute drive – why drive?

I work remotely two days a week.

The only fear I realised I had was what the cost of working remotely would be, and how much stuff I’d need to have with me in order to do it well.

But I received a nice surprise. You don’t need much. In my case, just my (home) laptop and my iphone.

For others, it might be that they need their work laptop and a version of their office phone at home. That’s still not a great deal of material.

Technology has been making leaps and strides – so often, you may have missed the knowledge you need to make your working remotely a possibility.

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Interested in this 30-MINUTE WEBINAR SERIES? Click here to check out more information.



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