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Interested in this 30-MINUTE WEBINAR SERIES? Click here to check out more information.



I’m moving soon.

It’s a headache – especially in Toronto’s current real estate climate.

But do you know the worst part?

It’s knowing I will, inevitably, be hunched over a 60 page manual (so long I’m shocked there isn’t a “previously on…” at the beginning and an About the Author at the end) to construct some gargantuan dresser I decided I wanted for my two plaid shirts (ask my coworkers). Nightmare. I will resent it for the entire time I have it for the time I spent on it and for how little I use it.

It’s why IKEA is so popular. Two page manuals. Half is in Swedish. Get in, get out, start filling the dresser.

Why is this relevant? Well, for one, consider it a public service announcement to all movers and builders in Toronto, but most importantly:

Digitcom is creating a series of 30-minute webinars; bite-sized, so to speak.

We’ve gone from textbook length to IKEA-manual length, without the Swedish.

Not only will we save and upload these webinars as videos to our Youtube channel, every fourth webinar will be a Q+A between attendees and the host (Ejaye McComb) regarding the previous three webinar subjects.

No more sitting through two or three hours of a webinar hoping to get that five minute piece of information you need, just enjoy a cup of coffee or two, sit in for 30 minutes, and see what you get from it. You’ll be notified every time there’s a new webinar subject, and you can come and go as you like throughout the series.

Soon we’ll be e-mailing YOU for your feedback on them, tailoring them to you so there’s greater and greater return on investing your time.

If this appeals to you, find the link at the TOP and BOTTOM of this article.


Interested in this 30-MINUTE WEBINAR SERIES? Click here to check out more information.



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