Your Internet Works Well, Why Is Your Phone Quality So Poor?

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Let’s start with some news about my Nana Southey. That’s why you all subscribe anyway.

She’s moving out of her current condo, located in suburban Victoria, BC, and into a new condo that looks over its harbour.

Normally, she e-mails me her news, but this time she told me over the phone. That simple news took about 30 minutes.


Poor quality. We consistently ran into problems over the phone. Everything was choppy.

It sounded something like this:

“Hey, Al-x, I g– my -ondo. Harbo- nt – It looks ov-r.”

The phone connection turned her into a senseless Yoda living in one of the prime retirement communities in Canada (Can’t you picture Yoda there? Works pretty well actually.)

I thought this connection issue was odd, because she told me her Internet was working well. Everything was loading. Netflix was up and running (Gracie & Frankie, for those curious).

So, where’s the issue?

Conversations are linear. Words are put in a certain order for a reason.

A webpage? Doesn’t matter the way it unfolds as long as all the contents are there relatively quickly.

The same doesn’t apply to, say, a novel.

Imagine if your local bookstore sold you the latest Dan Brown (and you forgave them for that), and you opened the novel only to find the pages were all out of order.

You go back and confront the store owner, and she just shrugs her shoulders and goes, “What’s wrong? All the pages are there. Isn’t that good enough?

You’d be fuming.

The first thing to go when your Internet connection is down is usually your phone connection quality.

More specifically, the first problem you notice when your Internet quality goes is your phone connection.

This is a problem. I need my Gracie & Frankie updates from Nana – it’s not like I’m going to watch the show.

Now imagine if the success of your business hinged on quality phone connections.


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Learn to troubleshoot your phone quality! CLICK HERE TO LEARN



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